Can I move my existing website over to Kyjo Design?

Can you move it? Yes you can. Do you have to? No you don’t!

We welcome all new and existing clients to stay with their current web hosting provider if that is what they wish. This is up to you to decide and we do not push the sale of our hosting service. Yes we would appreciate any new business, but understand people may just require our graphic and web skills on their current digital signatures.

We are more than happy to work on other hosting platforms and at no time make hosting with us a necessity or a requirement to capitalise on our web and graphic services.

When another hosting service is used from another provider, please understand we can not guarantee the quality of your hosting nor provide support for it.

Does transferring our website incur any costs?

If you have the capability of transferring all your required data, emails, and SQL databases across to your new Kyjo Hosting, then absolutely no! You have access to your Cpanel account and you can get underway once your account is setup.

If you require our services to migrate everything across, then this is a customised quote for your individual needs. This will definitely be discussed when you have a conference with our team whilst discussing your options.

Will I need to change my Domain Name Name Servers?

Yes you will. We will give your the name servers and IP Addresses upon creation of the account.

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